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Maagrace is a SMETA, WRAP and GRS accredited facility and member of Sedex and Higg. Beyond compliance, our focus is on ensuring continuous improvement. To that end, Ethical Apparel Africa third party experts conduct quarterly "SCIT" or Social Compliance Improvement assessments to ensure steady progress.

Over the past three years, investments in factory compliance have included:

  • Refurbished fire alarm / smoke detection system; first aid and fire prevention training

  • Full time nurse and equipped sick bay

  • Refurbished toilet facilities

  • Machine safety and maintenance programs

  • Provision of clean, filtered drinking water on tap

  • Installation of filtration for cooler air in the factory


We are intensely focused on the wellbeing of our workers. We have taken a three-tier approach to building a best place to work at Maagrace:

Fair Compensation

  • Focus on paying living wages for the region where we are (undertook detailed research on this in partnership with the Ethical Trading Initiative and are currently in the range of a living wage for the area)

  • Skills-based salary matrix to reward multi-skilling and use of complex machinery

  • Significant attendance bonuses and both team and individual efficiency bonuses

  • Long service awards and financial support for life events (marriage, funeral, etc.)

  • Clear paths to promotion that reward hard work

Extensive Benefits & Empowerment Programs

  • Subsidized transport and daily nutritious meals

  • Healthcare provision: permanent onsite nurse, eyeglass provision

  • Health education sessions including cancer awareness, malaria prevention and bed net provision, sexual & reproductive health, hygiene & sanitation

  • Digital literacy training on computers (IT lab) and mobile apps with a focus on health and banking access

  • Support to open bank accounts

Elevating Workers' Voices

  • Democratically elected, active workers’ committee

  • Partnership with Levi Strauss Foundation to measure worker satisfaction over time and gauge impact of wellbeing innovations

  • Soft skill training to help factory managers continually improve communication and coaching capabilities

SRH image.jpeg


Although the industry overall employs mostly women, it is very common for a factory to have all-women operators (factory floor workers) supervised by an all-male management team.


At Maagrace, we are working to create a new paradigm for gender equity. This means: 

  • Equitable proportion of women in management. We are currently at 45% women in management. Our goal however is to match this to the factory demographic -- we strive to achieve 60%+ female managers.

  • Training women in high-skill, non-traditional areas. We are focused on training women in areas such as mechanics, digital patterns, and cutting. In 2022 we also implemented a multi-skilling program specifically focused on upskilling women operators on more complex machine operations.

  • Centering women’s voices. Women are proportionally represented and have a strong voice on our workers’ committee. We also strive to center women’s needs when developing new benefit or empowerment programs.

Pictured here: Bernice Gabienu, female mechanic at MGIL, and Florence Agyina, digital pattern maker


In 2022, Maagrace became Ghana's largest solar-powered garment factory -- currently powered 100% by solar energy. This was accomplished through a partnership with German company REDAVIA. 

We are now laying the groundwork for further climate action, including the launch of a waste reduction taskforce and quantification of carbon savings. 

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