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Maagrace strives to leapfrog in use of technology and systems whenever possible to enable us to deliver value and quality to our brand partners. Our production capabilities include: 

  • Specialized machinery including feed off the arm, flatlock, 4 needle kansai, automatic buttonhole and button attach, twin needle chain stitch

  • Compressed air system and Groz Beckert smart digital needle tracking and replacement system

  • Embellishment capabilities: heat seals, in-house care label printing, outsourced screen printing

  • Complete set up for metal detection requirements to produce kids and baby wear

  • Real-time inventory system with barcode scanning in/out of all raw material

  • Wifi throughout factory and warehouse

  • Inline 7.0 quality management system and availability of third-party AQL by independent EAA technicians

  • Individual and line efficiency target systems

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